Choosing the Right Centerpieces for Wedding

A major part of arranging a wonderful wedding is setting up a great reception ceremony. While the wedding service is the major occasion of the day, it is actually the reception that guests look forward to the most. Reception is like the after party where celebrations take place. However, often when couples start planning their reception, they focus more on entertainment and food and keep decor on second priority. But, planning the decorations is also highly important for that perfect memorable occasion and selecting the ideal centerpieces for your wedding or reception plays a major part in it. While planning the reception, it’s easy to neglect little elements that can put in a unique touch to the celebrations. Linen, flower arrangements, crockery, table settings and centerpieces – all contribute in creating the right party ambience. All your guests will spend majority of their time at the reception sitting around the table. This is the reason why couples should give proper thought while picking up the wedding table centerpieces. Nowadays, these wedding centerpieces are available in variety of styles and are formed with mirrors, fruit baskets, cupcakes and candles in addition to the conventional flowers. With so many options available, choosing the right type of centerpiece for wedding can be a little tricky. Here are a few things you should think about while making the choice: Budget: Look at the guest list and determine the number of people that will attend your occasion. Then ascertain the number of people that will be seated at a single table. This will help you calculate the tables required at the reception and consequently the number of centerpieces needed to compute the budget you can allocate for each centerpiece. Space: Determine the space available on each table for the showpiece. The centerpiece for wedding should not look cluttered or hinder the comfort of your guests. Ambience: If your reception is being held outdoors in the evening or in any other dimly lit environment, you may want to add tea lights or candles to create a warm and romantic ambience. Also, if the weather is too hot, you should avoid using any edible items like chocolates and fruits in your centerpiece, as they might get spoiled. Venue Restrictions: It is also important that you talk to the management at the venue and determine beforehand if they have any rules regarding the prohibition of certain elements like breakable items or open flames. It might be a big problem if you get to know on the big day that your wedding centerpieces cannot be allowed because of a certain constituent forbidden at the venue. Style: Make sure that you pick the style of the centerpiece according to the theme of your wedding. A contemporary centerpiece might look completely out of place at a Victorian wedding and vice versa. So, go ahead and let your imagination fly and play with your wedding centerpieces to reflect your personality in your wedding decor.

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