How Online Pharmacies Are Able To Provide Discount To Customers?

The biggest advantage of shopping from ecommerce websites is that not only the customer gets to choose from a large variety of products but the discount that most ecommerce websites provide makes the overall purchase quite beneficial for the customer. This indeed has been the foundation for ecommerce websites and because of it they have been able to generate a chunk of profit.

The discount that ecommerce websites provide is also the reason why the traditional stores are facing a tough competition. There are many ecommerce websites operating in different niche and everyone is generating huge profit despite the fact that all of them provide heavy discount and even organize sales from time to time. Online pharmacies also cater to one such particular niche and provide lucrative discount to its buyers. But the main question here is that how the ecommerce websites like online pharmacies are able to provide such huge discount to their customers.

Purchase Directly From Manufacturer:

The biggest factor that enables the Canadian pharmacy online is that most of the medicines are procured directly from the manufacturers. This helps the online drug stores to save a lot of money. Most manufacturer also provide discount to their regular customers and hence the online pharmacies gets additional discount and thus they pass the benefit to their end user.

Purchase in Bulk:

Online pharmacies purchase medicines in bulk because all the medicines go out of stock in a very short time. Online pharmacies have a relatively high customer base from different geographic area so the number of order they receive in a day makes the stock gets sold quickly. So even by earning a small percentage of profit on each stock the online pharmacies makes profit because the quantity of stock that gets sold is very high. This is also the reason why online pharmacies are able to provide discount to their customers.

No Middle Men Involved:

Because the online pharmacies buy all the medicines directly from the manufacturer so they don’t have to pay commission to the middle men. This way the online pharmacies save a large chunk of money which could otherwise be used to pay commission. So, out of the money saved a significant percentage of money is bear by the online pharmacy by providing discount to the customer.

Collaboration with Suppliers:

Online pharmacies don’t only procure medicines directly from the manufacturers but also have collaboration with multiple suppliers. These suppliers because of strong business partnership provide discount to the online pharmacies which then convert it into discount and pass it on to the customer.

Large Customer Base:

Online pharmacies have a large customer base because they cater to a relatively larger geographic area. This large customer base means the number of medicines sold per day is more which means the per day profit that the online pharmacy generates is also more. So out of the profit the online drug store than takes out a small portion and convert it into discount that is then given in the form of sales, coupon codes etc.

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