Send Power BI SMS Text Updates with Power BI Reports Scheduler

Are you spending too much time trying to run and distribute Power BI outputs? Power BI Report Scheduler (PBRS) can save you the time and money you would need to work on these processes. It helps to automate filtering, distribution, and delivery of SSRS & Power BI Reports & Dashboards. You can work on these processes both on cloud and on-premise servers.

With PBRS, you access powerful Business Intelligence tools with top analytics features and robust data visualizations. Here we look at some of the feature highlights of the scheduler, its benefits to your business, and how it can help distribute insight data to boost your process. Let’s get started!

Features and Benefits of Power BI Scheduler

The scheduler is flexible and offers highly customizable and feature-rich destination functionality you can leverage in your business. These features provide a highly personalized working experience and automate reports using Power BI subscriptions. The scheduler provides cross-channel options including the convenience of texting formats. PBRS can:

  • Send a text alert
  • Embed a text report
  • Use a local GSM phone or device
  • Use service provider (SMSC) via a standard modem

Using these features helps your business to save its customers time and money. Contrary to the popular belief that SMS customer service is only beneficial to large corporations, small businesses can harness their power and compete effectively.

Most people feel the budget for SMS customer service is high, and they try to use other marketing strategies with alternatives to the customer service platforms. Luckily, SMS customer service support is not that expensive to stretch the budget of a company. There is no need for costly AI-powered chatbots that answer 24-hour calls. The service is simple, sweet, and direct to the point.

Equally important, the advancements in smartphone technology help create SMS apps that offer varied features, such as most third-party messaging apps. You can incorporate your rich functional messages with links, photos, GIFs, and emojis to interact more with your audience.

Why Is SMS Such A Valuable Option?

The benefits of SMS in your company include:

  • Convenience

It is right to say that almost everybody uses SMS at some point during the day. It is the ideal platform to send and receive messages from loved ones, confirm a night out, and reach out to everyone in their phonebook. It is the most frequently used messaging app since it is fast, simple, and reliable. One study confirms that Americans send about 25 billion SMS. The platform’s ease of use makes many consumers wish their companies would engage with them more via SMS.

  • Answers on demand

When you are busy, you never feel like calling or making any calls because of the distraction they will cause you. Furthermore, calling a company is not a guarantee that they will pick it. Most of the time, you have to wait on hold. It frustrates most customers looking for fast services, especially when at work or rushing to get their things done. SMS customer service solutions are relaxed and allow users to continue carrying out regular duties while still communicating. SMS is the best on-demand customer service in the industry right now. The alerts are also immediate, and getting back to the customer in real-time is guaranteed.

  • People are already using their mobile phones and texting abilities

SMS is part of everybody’s life. Various messaging apps are compatible with customer devices, making it the most popular nonverbal communication method. Mobile service providers in the US also offer unlimited SMS without extra fees, so that many people can rely on the service. Most of the messaging apps that are not free, like WhatsApp, Viber, and WeChat, are not yet in the circulation of most people in the US since there is an affordable option, SMS. Everybody knows how to use it and can communicate anytime with it.

Power BI Scheduler offers Easier Distribution of Data Insights

The solutions like Power BI Report Scheduler (PBRS) have multi-thread capabilities to reduce stress by using fewer tools and focusing more on the data’s results. It helps eliminate any disruption that usually occurs during the communication stage, enabling the business to have the ability to focus and offer client-oriented service.

The PBRS enables the organization to distribute and share Power BI dashboards and reports to unlimited users with a single Power BI license. Therefore, there is no need to have multiple Power BI licenses like before to cater to every user in the organization. It helps save thousands of dollars that you would need to purchase and manage multiple licenses.

The admin can distribute any report or dashboard using various formats to all their users with one license.

The solutions also integrate seamlessly with the Active Directory to enable the business to have better security management and avoid compromise by using the new tool. You can also input PDF files and encrypt them or use password protection before delivering them to the end-user. It also has zip encryption for Excel documents.

These functionalities and features help extend the power of the current Power BI, offer maximum protection, and place the PBRS as the top solution for all businesses looking forward to securing the Power BI dashboard and report distribution.

ChristianSteven Software has spread across 47 countries. It has helped over 1000 organizations automate report distribution through sharing Power BI, SSRS, Crystal Reports, and MS Access at an affordable cost.

With robust efficiency, cost-savings, and security, the product enables CEOs, stakeholders, and engineers to rely on automated business process workflows and get things done efficiently. Data security remains a concern for both small and large businesses.

Therefore, the solutions eliminate any data breach cases since the PBRS does not send information to ChristianSteven Software. Instead, the Power BI scheduler is fully integrated within the organization’s on-premise environment to keep it more secure than any cloud-based options available in the market.

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