Different Ways to Style and Use Eco-Friendly Canvas Tote Bags

Bags are a necessity for carrying out several daily activities. Tote bags have been gaining popularity ever since the ban on plastic bags came into effect in several countries. They are considered more functional, attractive, durable and easy to carry around. This stylish accessory is eco-friendly and cuts down the carbon footprint you leave behind.

What makes canvas totes a better choice?

Unlike paper and plastic bags, canvas totes serve several purposes. They are reusable, easy to fold and carry and completely washable apart from being able to withstand a considerable amount of weight. The material is easy to customize and available in a wide range of colors. If you are looking for printed bags in bulk for your organization, check out Custom Earth Promos.

They are the leading suppliers of eco-friendly, high quality bags in the US. They feature a wide range of bag selection at minimal price and offer 100% customization. The bag doubles up as a promotional product when you design it in a visually appealing way and include your brand details onto it. Talk to their designers about your needs and have them customized.

Ways to use canvas totes:

Canvas totes are stylish and versatile and can be used all year-round. You can use your canvas tote as a:

  • Grocery bag: With supermarkets costing a minimal amount for bags every time you check out, isn’t it better to carry your own bags instead of unnecessarily stocking up several bags in your closet.
  • Gym bags: Canvas totes are available in various sizes. The small ones are compact and ideal to be taken to the gym. It can hold your shoes, bottle, towel and change of clothes.
  • Overnight travel bags: If you want to pack minimal for an overnight travel, canvas totes eliminate the need to carry suitcases to carry just a toiletry kit, change of clothes and other essentials.
  • Travel accessory: When you are on long vacations you can organize your stuff in a better way using canvas totes. You can use it to carry baby food, sneakers, carry it when you go shopping to fill it with your newly purchased goodies.
  • Beach bags: Beach days require us to carry several essentials. Tote bags make it easy to carry food, beverages, towels, toys, snacks, books etc.
  • Gift bags: Canvas totes have replaced wrapping paper. Instead of painstakingly wrapping your gifts, you can place them in an attractive canvas tote which serves as an additional gift and the gif receiver wouldn’t toss it away.
  • Laundry bags: Larger canvas totes can be used to pile your unwashed clothes. They are discreet compared to mesh laundry bags.
  • Trashcan liner: Rather than cleaning out your office trashcan every day, you can use totes as a trashcan liner to keep it dry and easily dump your trash.
  • Craft bags: Store you craft supplies in a canvas bag. You can unleash your creative side by opting for a plain craft bag and decorate them with stencils and patches.


Reuse your canvas totes for several years for multiple purposes. Make sustainable, eco-friendly choices.



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