Adding sports massage to your training business

As the fitness market grows, so too do the number of sports and personal trainers working within it. As a result, clients are looking for something extra special when choosing a personal trainer.

Making a living as a sports or personal trainer can be rewarding, but does take hard work. In order to be one step ahead of the competition, forward thinking personal trainers are recognising that they need to go the extra mile for their clients. Focusing purely on physical performance is no longer sufficient. A stronger marketing strategy is required and new opportunities explored. Offering additional services, such as sports massage therapy, is one way to extend potential revenues.

Benefits of Offering Sports Massage

Sports massage involves working on soft tissue to enhance function, aid healing and support recovery, as well as to promote relaxation and well being. Sports massage therapists can choose to work alone or part of a team. Either way, its a great opportunity to increase the client base and add new revenue streams. It is used particularly effective in sports such as football where the teams often have sports massage professionals available to their players at all times. Once the players have come off the pitch in their Nike Football Kits from some players will often head straight for a sports massage to help their muscles recover from the training session.

How does Massage Fit in with Personal Training?

Sport massage therapy will be recommended to almost all clients using a personal trainer at some point. Therefore, by integrating it into the services they offer, personal trainers can explore a range of creative packaging options, to attract new clients and retain their existing ones. In addition, offering massage therapy can prevent a long interruption in training schedules during periods of injury or musculoskeletal issues. Working consistently with a client to rehabilitate them will not only prevent loss of earnings for the instructor, but will increase the likelihood that the client will remain on track and achieve their fitness goals.

Integrating Massage Therapy into a Personal Training Business

Most personal trainers will be working with clients during the pre and post work hours. Sports massage therapy can therefore be a great way to fill the hours in between.

Whether a personal trainer is just starting out in the industry, or has been working within it for many years, sports massage therapy can provide a unique selling point for their business.

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