Buy Red Oak Trees to Give Your Landscape a Brilliant Appearance

There is one element found in almost every single landscape architecture project and it’s not the hardscape, lighting, or a pool. Trees bring life into every project they inhabit. Trees are a welcome addition to any property. They provide much-required shade to keep heating and cooling costs down as well as enhance the beauty of exterior decoration. Not to mention increase property value. There are several varieties of trees that are good for shade; your climate and region will play an important role in deciding which types of trees are best for you to plant. A wisely chosen landscape tree has to be right for the plot of land in terms of scale, size, form and shape. One of the best and fastest growing shade trees is the Red Oak. Its massive branches and gnarled bark have always been an attraction. The deciduous oak species provide wonderful color in the autumn, especially in cold winter climates, as their leaves turn to various shades of red and gold. Red Oaks add so much to the landscape while consuming so little water. Oak trees are capable of living for hundreds of years and make the perfect statement for an individual looking for a classic yard. Adding trees to your property undoubtedly increases the value of your property. Buyers also love landscaping because of the privacy and beauty it creates. Surprisingly a well-landscaped yard can increase the value of your property up to about 20%. Whereas a lush lawn or beautiful garden won’t surveys show. They also show people love mature trees, colorful trees (in the fall) and shrubs. Red Oaks fit perfectly into this category. Scientifically known as the Quercus Shumardii, the Shumard Red Oak is native to Texas and grows east of Ft. Worth to Texas’ border with Louisiana and Arkansas. They are popular because of their wide spreading canopies, they are fast growing and are easy to maintain. Red Oak leaves are 4-8 inches long and have 5-7 deep lobes as well as have bristles on the tips of each lobe. The leaves are a glossy dark green and turn a brilliant red-orange in the fall. Whether you are searching for a Red Oak Tree for sale to decorate your yard or to plant on your farm, it is a fast growing tree worth keeping in mind. There is a multitude of online as well as local nurseries where you can buy Red Oak Trees in Texas or anywhere else.

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