Food Processing Boom and the Tinplate Packaging Benefits

Tin cans are undoubtedly back in fashion thanks to a boom in interest for processed and convenience food and ever-growing concerns over food safety.

Even in India, where tinplate use has been slow, there is significant growth being predicted amongst the tinplate sector as a result of an ongoing rise in organised retail facilitated by proactive measures being taken by the country’s government.

Tinplate is known to be one of the most trusted ways of packaging edible products and 70 per cent of this sort of packaging is used in food packaging across the world. Of this, around half is used to package edible oils and 15 to 25 per cent is used for vegetables and fruit.

The tinplate revolution

Just as manufacturers who buy food machinery often look for the most cost-effective means of revamping equipment or disposing of surplus assets with the help of companies like food manufacturers in countries such as India are increasingly turning to tinplate as an affordable and convenient way of packaging goods, whilst also enhancing brand visibility.

In the UK, there are many legal requirements when it comes to packaging and manufacturing, such as those described on the government website, but in most countries, tinplate is known to be the most suitable, stackable and transportable form of packaging for a wide range of products.  Once packaged up a lot of products can safely stored on Shelving Ireland products sourced from sites like It is especially good at preventing tampering and in-transit damage. The latter can be especially important in countries such as India, where vegetables, fruits, cereals and dairy products can sustain costly damage whilst being transported over difficult terrain.

The Indian boom

Food processing in India is entering a new era thanks to various policies and incentives being introduced by the government, including a reduction in taxes. This looks set to result in a boom in packaged and processed food. More information about the industry can be found at

To make the most of this, many corporate giants, such as Tatas, Bharati ITC and Dabur, are jumping on the bandwagon and tinplate manufacture is increasing in the country, reducing reliance on imported tin cans.

In fact, Indian tinplate is now also being exported across the world and Tata Tinplate is actively spreading awareness of the benefits of the product, which is now more cost-effective and lighter.

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