Author: Chris Taylor

Insurance Compliance Software Avoids Fines and Costly Inconsistencies

To stay competitive, insurers are looking at insurance compliance software to optimize processes. The process for estimating premiums for insurance coverage is standard across the industry but new technologies—Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML)—are making policyholder service and staying in compliance easier.  These capabilities include the ability to manage regulatory,

Space Utilization in An Evolving Commercial Marketplace

With the changes in the need for office space, commercial property owners are contending with much uncertainty. Where demand was once high for real estate that could house employee dense businesses, that reality is now altered. As a result, the usage of space in buildings must be reevaluated. The only way to weather this storm

Send Power BI SMS Text Updates with Power BI Reports Scheduler

Are you spending too much time trying to run and distribute Power BI outputs? Power BI Report Scheduler (PBRS) can save you the time and money you would need to work on these processes. It helps to automate filtering, distribution, and delivery of SSRS & Power BI Reports & Dashboards. You can work on these

How Flexible IoT Connectivity Is Making Commercial Spaces Smarter

More companies are developing an environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategy to meet the growing demand of young investors who want to place their dollars in businesses that match their values. As a result, many corporations are providing an ESG score in their annual reports to demonstrate their commitment to improving the environment and driving


With loads of technology and this pandemic situation, the modern era has almost converted every day to day activity into an online setup. These are easier to handle and very quick and allow us to cover a large variety of products. The print factory has brought unique articles in their online print shop and printing

Top 10 tips for small business and better accounting

Starting a small business can be something very exciting and overwhelming but it is equally challenging as well. according to the business statics, only 20% of the business reach their first anniversary because they are eliminated before a year and hardly 30% of them reach the goal of ten years. Wait, this is not to